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Parents Consent

I recognize and acknowledge that the playing of football is a dangerous and potentially harmful sport, and I hereby release Orem Youth Football LLC, the Cougar Youth Football League (CYFL), Orem City Recreation Dept, Provo City Recreation Department, Provo School District, Alpine School District, Wasatch County School District, Nebo School District, Juab School District and all agents and participants of the league, whether players, coaches, directors or others involved in any other capacity, from any and all rights, resulting from participation in the football activity, league, or program at any time hereafter, whether during participation of the game activities, practices, traveling or while en route to or from games, practices, or any and all other activity in connection with said football conference. In addition, I hereby represent that my son/daughter, the above student, is adequately covered by his/her or my own separate insurance, and that any accidents, claims, losses or causes of action shall be resolved separately and pursuant to my own contractual rights under said insurance without rule, subornation, risk, loss or liability whatsoever to said players, coaches, directors or others involved with the football conference.I hereby give my consent for my son/daughter to participate in the athletic program sponsored by the Utah Valley Football League. I also give my permission for the Utah Valley Football League coaches or representatives to act in my behalf in order to provide or to seek emergency attention for my child.My son/daughter is qualified physically to participate in this sport (a physical examination is recommended).By clicking on 'I Accept' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above information. I also verify that the information I have disclosed on all forms is accurate. And I agree to return all uniform pieces at the last game, or I forfeit my $200.00 deposit.

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